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What is GRIA?

GRIA is a service-oriented infrastructure designed to support B2B collaborations through service provision across organisational boundaries in a secure, interoperable and flexible manner. GRIA uses Web Service protocols based on key interoperability specifications. GRIA is available free and open source (most of the software is LGPL)

GRIA makes use of business models, processes and semantics to allow service providers and users to discover each other and negotiate terms for access to high-value IT assets. By focusing on business processes and the associated semantics, GRIA enables users to provision for their computational needs more cost effectively, and develop new business models for their services.

GRIA provides several software packages that can be downloaded free of charge, each designed to address a particular business need.

GRIA Software Packages

GRIA Software Packages

To download the software packages, head for Downloads

The Basic Application Services package allow an organisation with cluster computing facilities to provide data storage and processing (using applications installed on the cluster)

The OGSA-DAI application service package allows an organisation to publish structured data resources (XML, relational, bespoke) for subscription

The Service Provider Management package provides optional support for SLAs based service management and billing based on a simple management protocol for both GRIA and 3rd party application services

The Client package allows user access to GRIA management and application services via desktop applications, includes a client API toolkit for integration of your client applications

The Client Management package provides optional support for organisation-level management of service users
with centralised control and monitoring of service procurement and usage

The Service Developers Toolkit allows integration of your application services with GRIA’s security and management capabilities

In the following sections, the concepts driving the GRIA architecture are described from a business perspective and an application perspective, and the various deployment scenarios are explained. GRIA uses standard Web Service protocols and security mechanisms, and can interoperate with .NET applications and services, though the GRIA packages and API themselves are implemented using Java. GRIA comes with easy-to-use installers and full user documentation, and includes user tutorials and sample applications. Support is available via the website for free on a best-efforts basis, or on commercial terms as required.

To evaluate GRIA and the ideas behind it, head for Getting Started.