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Service Oriented Collaborations for Industry and Commerce

The final release, GRIA 5.3.1, was made in 2009.  The know-how of building robust, managed and secure web services continues to be exploited in IT Innovation's current projects.


The GRIA website and software are no longer maintained or supported.


GRIA is a service-oriented infrastructure (SOI) designed to support B2B collaborations through service provision across organisational boundaries in a secure, interoperable and flexible manner.


GRIA is free and open source.

GRIA uses off-the-shelf Web Services technology and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security.
GRIA Globe

Ease of use
GRIA is designed to support leading-edge and legacy application codes, and client-side applications can be easily written using the GRIA API.
GRIA supports well established B2B processes & trust models.
Quality of Service
GRIA resource models allow service levels to be matched to clients' needs.

GRIA is supported through an open source community and on a commercial basis.